In the 1970s local community supporter Terry Bland had a morning talk show on local radio station CJOC where a lot of oldtimers contributed.  We decided to tap into his audience to find out and preserve first hand accounts of what it was like in earlier days.  Each day a student would take a few minutes and phone in a question.   While we continued with our daily activities our tape recorder collected what we hoped would be the big catch.  Sometimes it happened. *  Over time the tapes were edited and added to Our Heritage Audio and Visual Collection.

As a prize for contributing, we produced the Hamilton Trek’s 1884 Historic Calendar featuring upcoming historical events (I know this sounds weird but have a look at it) for use in 1980 - Alberta’s 75th Anniversary.** 

The project received special recognition in 1979 - The International Year of the Child.

* My favorite was  the day we  heard the man describe  watching Eugene Ely in 1911 make southern Alberta’s first airplane flight over nearby Henderson Lake.

** Of course, it could also be saved and used for the years 2008, 2036, 2064 2092. Ultimate recycling.

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